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Welcome to Daniela Vizcaino's portfolio online where you will see a selection of her graphic design work.
Daniela Vizcaino, Graphic Designer, New York City, Visual Designer, Designer
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Gourmet Concept

Gourmet Concept Consulting Services is a Florida-based consulting firm that focuses its services to small and medium-scale businesses involved in the catering, food and beverage industry.

This was a great opportunity to create a brand identity related to the food industry. I wanted to steer away from the typical elements associated with the food industry and create a symbol that was strong, yet still resembled this sector. Using an old, vintage meat grinder as the inspiration for their brand, I created a very simple yet powerful logo that links the company’s logo to its target audience. The logo is complemented by the slogan I proposed for their company: “Grinding the best solutions for your business.

The use of bright colors presents a brand that is vibrant, active and energetic. The color palette is composed of red and orange as the primary colors, allowing for a striking visual color combination that immediately stands out.


Branding, Digital, Print

Branding, Digital, Gourmet Concept, Print