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Welcome to Daniela Vizcaino's portfolio online where you will see a selection of her graphic design work.
Daniela Vizcaino, Graphic Designer, New York City, Visual Designer, Designer
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x9 Real Time Events

Brand identity for a North Carolina-based company dedicated to provide high quality, full-service marketing and hospitality event management.


“x9″ was the race car number for Peter DesJardins, father of x9 Real Time Events company owner, Amy.  Inspired by her father’s love for racing, she was always involved in the NASCAR industry for many years until she launched her own company using his number as part of the name.

The original car number was used as the sole inspiration for their new brand. The x and 9 were stylized, and the wings were placed on both sides to provide balance to the number “x9″.

The colors provide a retro feel to their new identity.


Branding, Print

Branding, logo design, Merchandise, Print, Stationery